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Creating a Folder

00:00 The first task—or basically, it’s a second task now, because you, you already, or the third one, you already opened the terminal— Oh my god, wow— You showed me the current— Like, I’m crushing this. And you showed where you are.

00:12 So now I want you to create a folder named pb_terminal. You can create it wherever you want. I’ll just stick to where I am.

00:21 Okay, so I make this folder by typing the command mkdir, which stands for make directory. And then I put in a space and then type whatever I want to name the folder.

00:32 So in this case, your task was to name it pb_terminal. So I’ll just do this and press Enter again. And then I created the folder. Perfect. So if I—like, now we have an underscore (_) in the name.

00:46 If we wouldn’t have a underscore but a space, you then would put it in quotes, similar like a string in Python, right? Yeah. I’d have to go like this. I’d have to say "pb terminal" like that. Exactly.

00:57 But I’m not going to make this folder now. Yeah. Okay. So that’s a good thing to remember—that it’s basically like a chain of commands there, so you need to have quotes if there are spaces in it. But I think, also, similar like with variables in Python, you can think of the names of folders. You save yourself headache if you don’t put spaces in there, which I think is a good idea with folder names.

01:24 You don’t want me to prove that I actually created this folder? You just believe me? Well, I believe you, I mean, would there come an error, or how would you prove to me that you created this folder? Like, I just believed you, but like I can like, can see you proving it to me.

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