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Closing the Terminal

00:00 Okay, cool. So yeah, before we wrap it up, Martin, is there something from your side that you want to give our viewers on their way in using the terminal? From my end, I think I totally understand that the terminal can be a bit intimidating and a little scary if you open it up at first.

00:16 It’s kind of also hard to conceptualize what you’re doing much more so than in a graphical user interface where you see symbols for the files that you click on.

00:25 It’s much more intuitive, I think, for humans to interact with than a text-based interface. But I don’t think you’re going to need the terminal a ton when you’re just getting started.

00:35 But a couple of these commands that we went through today are still helpful to know and they build some sort of a basic understanding of how you can interact with your computer operating system, aside from the graphical user interface that you’re probably more used to.

00:50 But yeah, don’t worry too much about it. I think there’s a couple of commands you’re going to need to run from the terminal, like executing Python or maybe if you start working with version control, you might need to run a program there. Yeah, don’t worry about it too much.

01:02 Open it up, learn a couple of the basics, and then if you need more, then you can always come back. Cool. Yeah. Thank you so much. One last task I want you to perform: you can just close this terminal again, like if you don’t need anything, you just close it like any other app on the Mac. Yeah. Okay.

01:18 So I can click on the X, and that’s it. Like nothing ever happened. Thank you so much, Martin. Of course. Yeah. Thanks for having me here.

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