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Making a GeoDjango App: Introduction & Overview

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Thank you for joining me for this Real Python video series where you’ll be making a location-based web application with Django and GeoDjango. The app you’ll build will be a very simple one. You’ll have a data collection of shops in the city of Baltimore. This data will be queried to provide a subset of shops closest to a user’s location.

Let’s go over the list of tools you’ll be using in this tutorial:

  • Python version 3 will be the programming language you’ll use to create the application. You’ll code in a Python virtual environment and use pip to install required packages.

  • You need to store data for this project. This tutorial will walk you through installing PostGreSQL for that purpose. PostGreSQL is a relational database, and you’ll add the PostGIS extension to incorporate spatial data features.

  • For your backend web server, you will install the Django web framework and enable GeoDjango for spatial data support. GeoDjango is included with the Django installation.

GeoDjango will require some drivers for spatially modeling the data. These drivers can be tricky to install individually, so in the interest of time, this tutorial includes an installation of QGIS which is a great open source GIS application that as an added benefit, installs these drivers gracefully.

As an bonus, you’ll use Leaflet to produce a map with markers showing your user in a graphical way the shops that are nearby.

Comments & Discussion

Peter T on May 4, 2019

This is an exceptional course and a extremely professional approach to teaching. It’s obvious to me that Jackie has finely honed her college teaching experience and it shows throughout these videos. Her thought process is completely easy to follow and she doesn’t leave any gaps for the readers to Google the answers for themselves. She has also transposed many of her video words into written words for the readers to peruse. Maybe these will turn into a fully complete written tutorial. (hint) Excellent course!

Jackie Wilson RP Team on May 5, 2019

Thank you so much for your feedback, Peter. Teaching is one of those professions where you’re always questioning and tweaking your approach/accuracy in a constantly changing field. It’s so nice to receive positive reinforcement, and I’m so grateful you took the time to submit your comments. I’m glad you found value in the videos, and to be fair, the course was loosely adapted from the article by the same name, written by Ahmed Bouchefra in December 2018: realpython.com/location-based-app-with-geodjango-tutorial/ While I did make quite a few changes, his article was the original inspiration. It’s so heartening to know my videos have been helpful. Your comment made my day/week/month…

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