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Set Up Your Venv, Django, and GeoDjango

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It’s finally time to get started on our Django project and get to work in Python. We’ll start by creating a virtual environment, then install Django with Pip, and then enable GeoDjango.

Make sure you have the following items installed and working before you continue:

  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS
  • A shops database with PostGIS extension; and
  • Our geographic drivers, either installed on their own or as part of QGIS.

With that foundation in place you’re ready to start the web server portion of your project using the Django and GeoDjango frameworks.

Comments & Discussion

Milan NIkolic on May 1, 2019

Thank you Jackie, That was flawless. I truly enjoyed the course and finally signed up for RealPython. It was a matter of time. Just couldn’t resist finishing this series. After checking out the site, I am extremely happy I made that decision. Thanks and all the best to you and everybody at RealPython! M

Jackie Wilson RP Team on May 1, 2019

I think that’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve received. Thank you so much Milan. Real Python is full of great stuff; I’m grateful and honored to be a part of it.

Milan NIkolic on May 1, 2019

You are very welcome Jackie. I am looking forward to your future releases.

suneel0310 on May 9, 2019

Thanks in advance Jackie,

I am facing one issue that shops sub folder is not creating after enterning the command like startprojects shops .

Can you help me on that what i am missing.

Jackie Wilson RP Team on May 9, 2019

Do you get any error when you try to run the script? Did your pip command correctly install Django? Also, are you on Windows?

suneel0310 on May 31, 2019

Thanks for your reply. I was busy with office work for the past 3 weeks, so i did not check your reply.

I was not getting any error when i ran the script. I hope pip command installed Django properly. yes i am on windows.

Let me check again by installing the Django andI will let you know if i am not getting again, please help me out.

hithard on Sept. 11, 2019

Hi Jackie,

I do not see shops directory being created after i run “ startproject shops .” I just see the file open in pycharm when above command is run. django is installed as shown in previous step. even i reinstalled django but same issue. i m using win10 operating system. pls advice

Koldaman on Sept. 20, 2019

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your very easy explanation and teaching methods. I am facing same thing @hithard mentioned.

Koldaman on Sept. 20, 2019

@ Hithard i founda way use this command line

django-admin startproject shops .

hithard on Sept. 22, 2019

@Koldaman it works. thanks a lot

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