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Making the Most of Your Real Python Membership

Welcome to our onboarding course! In this series of videos you’ll get an overview of the features of the Real Python platform, so you can make the most of your membership. Follow along and get tips on:

  • How to find the most valuable learning resources for your current skill level
  • How to meet and interact with other students and the RP Team
  • How to learn effectively

fredmord on Dec. 4, 2019

Please my welcome video cannot play

Dan Bader RP Team on Dec. 4, 2019

@fredmord: Sorry to hear that! Any chance you’re using an adblocker or some kind of privacy browser extension that might be interfering with the site? We’ve got some more troubleshooting info here in our support base: How to troubleshoot video playback issues if none of these tips work please send me an email at info@realpython.com so we can get to the bottom of it :)

Mico Siahaan on Dec. 11, 2019

@fredmord, I found the video not started using Firefox (I used Firefox at Fedora 31). But after change to Google Chrome, the videos worked just fine.

pmasuka on March 26, 2020

Good day. How do I download all the videos?

Dan Bader RP Team on March 26, 2020

Our course videos are only available for online streaming @pmasuka.

syedbadruddin1500 on April 27, 2020

can i get certificate to my course

Ricky White RP Team on April 27, 2020

hi @syedbadruddin1500

On completing the course you can download your certificate from the course overview page. More info here: Where do I find my Completion Certificates?

Sai Chandra on Aug. 20, 2020

Nice platform, from today onward I will start my Pythonista journey.

Jesús Pineda on July 29, 2023

Here we are as a new member, let’s start this Real Python adventure![day#1]

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