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Make a 2D Side-Scroller Game With PyGame (Summary)

In this course, you learned how game programming with pygame differs from standard procedural programming. You also learned how to:

  • Implement event loops
  • Draw items on the screen
  • Play sound effects and music
  • Handle user input

To do this, you used a subset of the pygame modules, including the display, mixer and music, time, image, event, and key modules. You also used several pygame classes, including Rect, Surface, Sound, and Sprite. But these only scratch the surface of what pygame can do! Check out the official pygame documentation for a full list of available modules and classes.


Sample Code (.zip)

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Course Slides (.pdf)

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sumakolurmath on March 27, 2020

Thanks Chris, for the awesome course!

David Wright on April 26, 2020

Thank you Chris for a great course. I think I have found what I want to do with my Python knowledge.

mikesult on May 4, 2020

Thanks Chris, Excellent course. You covered so many of the elements in a nice incremental way and always kept a working program at all stages.

One strange behavior for me was when loading the sprite images of the jet and missile, if I used the .convert() method then the .set_colorkey() method on the next line didn’t create the desired transparency. If I removed the .convert() method then the .set_colorkey() method did work. The cloud sprite worked fine when using the .convert() method. Very strange.

I learned a lot, thanks!

jamesbrown68 on July 22, 2020

Thanks. This was fun. I struggled a bit here and there, but I learned some new things.

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