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Review What You've Learned

By reviewing what you’ve learned in a course or tutorial you’ll process the information more deeply, which helps with long-term retention.

00:00 It’s very important that you review what you’ve learned every once in a while and, once again, we have some specific features that you can use on the website.

00:07 We have interactive quizzes that are a great way to check your learning progress. You’ll get a score at the end, and if you get a question wrong, we’re also pointing out to you—we’re giving you some hints—we’re pointing out why that answer was incorrect.

00:20 So, that’s a great way to find the right tutorials and to find the right section in a tutorial to go back and do another take on that particular subject.

00:29 You can also bookmark stuff that you want to revisit. So, in each lesson, there’s a little bookmarks button that you can click to bookmark a particular part of a course. And of course, you can undo that as well.

00:42 As soon as you’ve bookmarked a particular video in a course, this will be listed under your Bookmarks section in your account menu when you click on your avatar photo.

00:54 If I go to Bookmarks here, I can find all of the lesson videos that I’ve bookmarked and I can quickly come back to them and review them. This is a great way to stay in touch with the things you’ve already learned or that you’re working through at the moment.

01:08 I would encourage you to use the bookmarks functionality to keep track of things you want to revisit and maybe you feel like you haven’t fully understood yet, or you found them extremely helpful and you want to go back to them and rewatch them, revisit them again in the future.

01:23 Another great hack for reviewing what you’ve learned is to teach others, to take the stuff that you’ve learned and then to teach others. So, I want to talk a little bit more and go a little bit more deeply into this because I think it is really, really powerful, so why don’t we move ahead to the next slide here?

rishabbanerjee94 on June 1, 2021

Is there any part where I can practice my code or if you please share some topic related to topics , any kind of coding challenges or some problem which we can solve or would you please share some link from where I can practice.

Also would you please add data structure with python.

Martin Breuss RP Team on June 2, 2021

Hi @rishabbanerjee94, I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, but you can find projects to work on right here on the site.

For specific topics, sse the Search, e.g. to search for “data structures” and you’ll find tutorials and video lessons that can help you study.

Can I un-bookmark an item in the list of bookmarks, without having to go to the item first? If not: it would be a nice feature to clean up the list of bookmarked items fast.

Dan Bader RP Team on Dec. 21, 2021

Thanks @mo, I agree that’d be nice to have and it’s definitely a feature we’d consider adding. Adding it to my notes :)

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