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William Griffin on Dec. 14, 2019

Hey ya, world!

Eitan on March 26, 2020

Sorry, I couldn’t resist… :)

Jonathan Chatfield on March 29, 2020

::tap, tap::

Is this thing on?


Tej Singh Rana on April 1, 2020


nathank on April 24, 2020

Not many sites takes the trouble to explain how to use the comments section especially when inserting code-snippets.

I have to admit this is really great on-boarding!

Dr Dre on April 25, 2020

Best well packaged video tutorial, well done guys.

svetlanamaru on May 16, 2020

Hello everyone! Keep going

SadatX on May 17, 2020

Hello World!

A Janifal on May 19, 2020

Kudos to Real Python!… Awesome job! Love from Borneo =)

Gonzaless on May 27, 2020

you gonna mAke this 😍 this site is really fantastic 👌

omarvidicom82 on June 13, 2020

firstable, thank you for this course I will start my Learning path to start learning python.

stefhx on June 14, 2020

Hi guys. First time ever enrolling in the paid course. The real python seems really lovely. ;P

alvesmig on June 17, 2020


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