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Another way for you to participate in the Real Python community is by commenting on tutorials and video lessons. Give it a try by leaving a comment below 🙂

00:00 Another big community aspect here in Real Python is our comments function. You can comment and interact with other readers on any tutorial, and you can also interact with the instructors and other students on any course lesson. To access the comments section, just click on the Comments button here at the top, and then you can read all of the other comments and questions and answers that other people have added to this tutorial, and you can also join the conversation. Once again, you know, please keep in mind there’s real people here reading this stuff and writing and helping each other out, so we want to make sure we’re keeping things nice and friendly and supportive.

00:41 Now, for courses, the comments function works just the same. On each lesson, you can leave a comment and interact with other students or the course instructor. When you click on the Comments section here, you can see here what other students wrote.

00:56 As a special feature, here, for the comments on lessons specifically, you can include Python code snippets as well. This is a great way to, you know, ask questions, dive deeper into a particular subject, and over time we’re really building up a very, very detailed library of additional tips and comments.

01:18 So, you’re more than welcome to participate here. Just wanted to show you real quick, how the comments feature works. So you just gotta make sure you logged in.

01:26 You will be commenting publicly under this photo and this name. You can change both by clicking on the change button. It will take you to your account settings and you can upload a different photo here or change your public display name. Feel free to pick whatever you want.

01:42 Personally, I’m just going with my name here, but you could also use a pseudonym if you want to. Then, you can type your comment here. The comments box supports a couple of formatting options.

01:53 In general, it supports full Markdown, so you can go in here and, you know, bold things or put things in italics. Markdown is a text-based format that

02:04 is actually really great for any time when you’re typing something that includes code snippets. The way you insert a new code snippet—so, for example, I’m just typing out a function here.

02:17 When I preview that, I can see here, it kind of, you know, doesn’t render with the right indentation. I can change that, though, by wrapping this section in three backticks, and then it

02:30 will highlight correctly and display correctly. So, the comments function is a really great way to interact with your fellow Pythonistas here. It’s also really helpful for sharing additional code examples or posting questions.

02:46 I encourage you to participate in the comments. Through that, we can make the lessons more valuable over time. That’s really the goal here, so that over time, we’ve plugged all the open questions that come up, because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that anytime I create a course, there’s always questions that I haven’t foreseen. So I’m really, really excited about making sure we’re covering all the main questions that have cropped up after a little while, in some cases, like weeks and months.

03:12 I think this is a really powerful feature of the Real Python platform, and I encourage you to participate in it and to leave comments, share your feedback, share your thoughts, and you’re more than welcome to.

03:23 Hopefully, I’ll meet you down there in the comments somewhere!

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I have to admit this is really great on-boarding!

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Best well packaged video tutorial, well done guys.

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def print(x)
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