Introduction to Python Exceptions

Darren Jones

Darren Jones 3 Lessons 13m
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A Python program terminates as soon as it encounters an error. In Python, an error can be a syntax error or an exception. In this course, you will see what an exception is and how it differs from a syntax error. After that, you will learn about raising exceptions and making assertions. Then, you’ll finish with a demonstration of the try and except block.

Introduction to Python Exceptions

3 Lessons 13m

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Darren Jones Darren Jones

With 20 years as a teacher of music technology, Darren is keen to bring his skills to the Python table.

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Participant Comments

Paul on March 15, 2019

Well done. Good, clear, concise overview.

Anonymous on March 15, 2019

Really helpful! I can use what I learned today!

Anonymous on March 16, 2019

Very helpful. Straight to the point!

Daniel on March 18, 2019

Great videos. Very helpful.

Blaise Pabon on March 19, 2019

Now I realize that I never really understood try, catch, finally.

Chaitanya on March 21, 2019

A nice way of explaining the introduction part about try, except, else, finally

andrewcheryl on March 26, 2019

Super helpful and clear!

Peter T on March 31, 2019

Great class, albeit, very short, even though it seemed to cover all of the features of Exceptions in an extremely clear & succinct way. I look forward to seeing more courses by Darren.

rklyba on July 5, 2019

Thank you.It’s very simple and clear. Now I gonna read “Python Exceptions: An Introduction”

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