Cool New Features in Python 3.11

Python 3.11 was published on October 24, 2022. This latest version of Python is faster and more user-friendly. After seventeen months of development, it’s now ready for production.

As in every version, Python 3.11 comes with lots of improvements and changes. You can see a list of all of them in the documentation. Here, you’ll explore the coolest and most impactful new features.

In this video course, you’ll learn about new features and improvements like:

  • Better error messages with more informative tracebacks
  • Faster code execution due to many efforts in the Faster CPython project
  • Task and Exception groups that simplify working with asynchronous code
  • Several new typing features improving Python’s static typing support
  • Native TOML support for working with configuration files

If you want to try any of the examples in this video course, you’ll need to use Python 3.11. Python 3 Installation & Setup Guide and How Can You Install a Pre-Release Version of Python? walk you through several options for adding a new version of Python to your system.

As you learn more about the new features coming to the language, you’ll also get some advice about which things you should consider before upgrading to the new version.

What’s Included:

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