CPython Internals: Paperback Now Available!

CPython Internals: Paperback Now Available!

by Joanna Jablonski advanced community

After almost two years of writing, reviewing, and testing, we’re delighted to announce that CPython Internals: Your Guide to the Python 3 Interpreter is now available in paperback!

Are there certain parts of Python that just seem like magic? Once you see how Python works at the interpreter level, you’ll be able to optimize your applications and fully leverage the power of Python.

In CPython Internals, you’ll unlock the inner workings of the Python language, learn how to compile the Python interpreter from source code, and cover what you’ll need to know to confidently start contributing to CPython yourself!

In this article, you’ll see:

  • How you can take your Python skills to the next level with CPython Internals
  • How other Pythonistas have already been doing it

To skip right to the good stuff and get your hands on the book, click the link below:

You Can Get CPython Internals in Paperback!

It’s finally here! Readers have been showing us their copies and letting us know what they think:

Front cover of CPython Internals: Your Guide to the Python 3 Interpreter

This book is a sort of “missing manual” for CPython’s internals, and we’re looking forward to the Python community getting tons of knowledge and skills from this unique resource. We’re delighted with the final product, so here’s the author, Anthony Shaw, to walk you through the paperback version of the book:

During the first few days after the launch, it was a wild ride to watch CPython Internals climb the Amazon charts and quickly reach the #1 best seller spot for Python programming:

CPython Internals on Amazon

The fact that the book quickly became a #1 best seller was plenty to celebrate on its own! But it was also incredibly rewarding to see that the reviews it has received so far have been overwhelmingly positive:

CPython Internals ratings on Amazon

It really is inspiring to know that so many learners are using this book to dive deeper into Python so that they can make the leap from just using Python to actually building Python themselves. We’d love to hear from you when you check out the book yourself.

Who Should Read CPython Internals?

If you want to unlock the inner workings of the Python language, compile the Python interpreter from source code, or participate in the development of CPython, then CPython Internals will give you the practical skills and knowledge that you’ll need.

The creator of Python, Guido van Rossum, even personally recommended the book:

I can recommend CPython Internals to anyone who wants to get going with hacking on CPython. (Source)

Guido van Rossum, Creator of Python

He shared his thoughts in a recent interview:

With this guided tour of CPython’s internals, gaining a deep understanding of Python has never been easier.

Want to Understand the Source Code of the Python 3 Interpreter?

If you want to understand the source code of the CPython 3.x interpreter, then you’ll take a deep dive into the inner workings of concepts like lists, dictionaries, and generators. With the help of hands-on exercises and approachable explanations, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how Python really works:

A tour behind the curtain…

This guide is a very straightforward introduction and dive into the insides of how Python’s core interpreter works. It did a very good job, for me, of introducing how Python works and thinks as well as open a lot of places to explore and learn more about how and why Python works like it does.

Extremely glad I got this because it unlocked a lot of understanding for me. I still need to read it a few more times to really get my head around it all, but as a tour of the pieces and why they are there and how the work together, this is a very welcome onramp. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Allen Murphey (via Amazon)

Want to Make Your Own Version of Python From Scratch?

If you want to make changes to Python’s syntax and compile your own version from scratch, then you’ll walk through customizing Python’s core data types by adding new functionality and then run CPython’s automated test suite. You’ll have the power to shape Python to meet your needs:

Detailed and informative read!

Awesome book! Very descriptive of the internals of CPython. Whether you’re looking to customize the Python interpreter and add new language features, or just gain a better understanding of the language internals in general, this is a great book for that! While technical, it is not a boring read for those interested in Python. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Dustin Redmond (via Amazon)

Want to Contribute to CPython?

If you want to participate in the development of CPython, then you’ll learn how to contribute to future versions of the Python interpreter and standard library. You’ll have a new way to get involved in the Python community by giving back as a Python Core Developer:

Really detailed

Good book. Really detailed if you want to go deeper into Python knowledge. Covers environment setup too which is probably good for those without a C background. Really friendly dive into Python’s duality. Don’t think you need to be good at C to pick up this book. Honestly anything related to the Real Python team is dope. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Js (via Amazon)

This book is written in a clear manner and will open up a new world for those seeking this kind of information!

What Else Do You Need to Know?

In terms of content, the print edition is identical to the digital version available on the Real Python online store. Amazon also covers the book with its strong 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s zero risk for you. To get your print copy, click the button below:

Clicking the button should automatically redirect you to your local Amazon store. Or you can use the direct links below:

If your local Amazon store isn’t listed here, then try searching for “CPython Internals” or ISBN 1775093344 in the Books section, and it should show up.

If you get the paperback, then you’ll still have access to all the bonus materials included with the digital version. So you’ll get the same great experience that customers of the digital edition get, with downloadable sample code and examples.

If Amazon doesn’t ship to your address, then you should be able to order the book from any local bookstore by giving them the ISBN code 1775093344. The book might take a little while to become available that way since we just published it, but it’s not limited to being sold only on Amazon. It’s just that Amazon is the largest distribution channel, so that’s what we’re focusing on for the launch right now.

Take Your Python to the Next Level With CPython Internals!

It’s been rewarding to hear that readers have been getting so much out of this book, and we’d love to hear from you! The feedback we received from the Python community was priceless—and we’re all extremely happy with how the final book turned out. Thanks for your support! To get your hands on the book, click the link below:

Once you’ve got the book, it would be a huge help if you could add your own review and rating to Amazon. And please feel free to reach out to us directly to let us know how your Python journey is going and what kinds of learning resources you need to take your next big step.

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