Immerse Yourself

In this part of the course we’ll go over some tips so you can make the most of your Real Python subscription and learn effectively.

Tip #1 is to go deep and immerse yourself in a topic you’re interested in.

00:00 In this section, I want to talk about How to Learn Effectively or, in other words, how to make the most of your Real Python subscription. Let’s jump right in. The first point I want to talk about is it is very, very important that you immerse yourself. Go deep, you know, do a deep-dive on one topic, stick to that one particular topic, and then combine all different types of content—for example, videos, written tutorials, and our interactive quizzes. So for example, if you wanted to do a deep-dive on Python decorators, you would simply type “decorators” into the Real Python search box and then work

00:37 your way through all the stuff that shows up. So, we’ve got a full-blown course here for you that you can watch on Python decorators specifically. It’s pretty long and really, really in-depth, so maybe you want to take your time with this and take it slowly.

00:51 But at the same time, when you have some, let’s say, downtime while you’re commuting or traveling, you could also work your way through our written tutorial on Python decorators. Again, here, you can take it section by section, so you don’t overwhelm yourself, but you can also really immerse yourself in this concept of Python decorators and really, really go deep.

01:13 We’ve got other courses here that touch on this subject that I would also recommend you watch because decorators and inner functions are closely related—we’re also surfacing that here—so this is another tutorial that I would encourage you to read if you’re looking at Python decorators.

01:28 This is a really good way to really immerse yourself into a specific topic and to really go deep on one topic so that, whatever you do, you’re always thinking about this one thing.

01:42 Now, this maybe sounds a little bit intense, but it really works. If you can do it and you’re interested in that type of immersion learning, I would highly encourage you to make the most of all of our different types of content here on the website and to really leverage the different types of media that we have available for you.

infi9chg2 on April 15, 2020

hi dan, i try a very simple code to open a file but failed. it doesn’t show error or exception. just a line but fail. any idea why this happened

Ricky White RP Team on April 15, 2020

Can you share your code @infi9chg2?

infi9chg2 on April 16, 2020

i didn’t record the previous code line. i don’t know y it doesn’t show error yet file didn’t open.. here’s the latest i got f = open(“c:/users/asus/desktop/Igloo/c.xlxs”,”w”,”cp1252”) i m pretty new in python. not sure it’s the the right format to open..?

Ricky White RP Team on April 17, 2020

Thanks. There could be a few reasons why it’s not working. But I couldn’t narrow it down without seeing the rest of your code and how you are using the variable you used f. The most common way to open a file is with a with statement. I would recommend you check you out this tutorial on working with files -

infi9chg2 on April 18, 2020

thanks for that..

Arif Zuhairi on May 14, 2020

Thank you, that’s really a good tip. I always being too broad on what I want to learn because everything seems great to learn that causes me to lose focus on what I should learn and learn it deeply

kaiaiak on Sept. 11, 2021

Dan loves python decorators! I don’t know what that is, but now I want to!

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