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How to Learn More PyCharm

Learn more about PyCharm in our dedicated tutorial: PyCharm for Productive Python Development (Guide)

00:00 There was a lot to see and now you might have the question, “How am I ever going to learn more about PyCharm?” So first of all, the tool is already helpful, even if you don’t know a lot about it. Just take this learning process—as everything—as an incremental step-by-step kind of thing.

00:15 If you just want to get started with something you already know, the things that we talked about are helpful ways to start using PyCharm, and then you can keep exploring and learn more about it.

00:25 One thing you can always do is we have some great tutorials and courses up here on Real Python, so you can check those out. JetBrains, the company that makes PyCharm, has some great tutorials on YouTube.

00:36 I’m going to link those. And if you don’t want to go into a course kind of way, another thing you can do is there’s this keymap.

00:44 You see that you can do a lot with keyboard shortcuts and get much quicker with using the tool when you’re using keyboard shortcuts. There’s this keymap that you can download—just search for that online for your operating system.

00:56 That’s an example for a macOS. You can print that out, maybe make little post-it notes, take one of those and stick it on your computer screen, and then just start learning one by one.

01:07 Maybe push yourself a bit to use one of them for a while until it becomes familiar, and then move on to the next one. That’s one way you can go about doing that.

01:16 Another cool feature that PyCharm comes with is the Tip of the Day. So, if you go to Help, and then the Tip of the Day,

01:25 it presents you with some useful ways of interacting with PyCharm. You can check this box here at the bottom, which says Show tips on startup. So every time you’re going to start up the PyCharm IDE, it’s going to present to you a new Tip of the Day.

01:39 Sometimes those are more interesting, sometimes it’s something you already knew about, and sometimes it’s something very useful and new. I keep getting surprised. Every time that I open it up, there’s something that I maybe didn’t know about and maybe it’s actually useful for my workflow.

01:53 So, those are some useful ways to go about learning more about PyCharm, but generally my suggestion is really to start using it—learn these few useful, basic things. Like, know what’s possible, and then just work with it and figure out what’s helpful for you.

02:09 Everyone has a different workflow. It’s very customizable and has a lot of features, so very likely you’re going to find a way to interact with it that suits you.

02:18 And that’s all I have to say about PyCharm for now, and see you in the next section! Thanks for watching!

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