Python Booleans: Leveraging the Values of Truth

Cesar Aguilar
Cesar Aguilar 9 Lessons 1h 9m intermediate

Understanding how Python Boolean values behave is important to programming well in Python. The Python Boolean type is one of Python’s built-in data types. It’s used to represent the truth value of an expression. For example, the expression 1 <= 2 is True, while the expression 0 == 1 is False.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Python Booleans to write efficient and readable Python code
  • Manipulate Boolean values with Boolean operators
  • Convert Booleans to other types
  • Convert other types to Python Booleans

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Cesar is an avid Pythonista and records video tutorials for Real Python. He enjoys teaching programming to anyone who listens and seeing in others their programming "eureka" moment.

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for Andrew

Andrew on March 17, 2021

A succinct and descriptive coverage. Many thanks!!!

Avatar image for Alain Rouleau

Alain Rouleau on March 16, 2021

Thanks for the course. Good coverage of the big picture along with all the various intricacies. Not always easy to figure things out when it comes to Booleans.

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