Python Modules and Packages: An Introduction

Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey 12 Lessons 1h 2m basics python

In this course, you’ll learn about Python modules and Python packages, two mechanisms that facilitate modular programming.

Modular programming is the process of breaking a large, unwieldy programming task into separate, smaller, more manageable subtasks or modules. Individual modules can then be put together like building blocks to create a larger application.

Learn how to write and import modules so you can optimize the structure of your own programs and make them easier to maintain and grow.

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About Christopher Bailey

Chris is an avid Pythonista and creates video tutorials for Real Python. He is a programmer and data analyst. He creates music under the name Tripnet. Chris lives in Colorado with his wife and two dogs.

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for Tyrone

Tyrone on Oct. 8, 2022

Thanks for this great course Chris! I learnt heaps and you made working with made working with modules and packages much clearer and now it seems so easy. Love your easy paced style, clear language and the way you lift the mist in such a matter of fact way. Well done!!.

Avatar image for Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith on Dec. 7, 2020

I have referred back to the article version of this course countless times but these videos worked well to give me a deeper understanding and solidify the knowledge. Well done Chris!

Avatar image for jeffcabral7

jeffcabral7 on May 2, 2020

Really enjoyed this course Chris! This is a great example on how a basic/introductory course should be presented. Thanks!

Avatar image for pshapard

pshapard on April 7, 2020

Great course Chris. I had a general understanding of packages and modules, but I gained a deeper insight into sub-packages and dot notation.

On to the next course.

Thanks, Patrick.

Avatar image for Sergey Morozik

Sergey Morozik on Feb. 6, 2020

Great course. Brought to order and systematized all I have learned just googling things quickly. Thank you!

Avatar image for Phil M

Phil M on Feb. 1, 2020

Hi Chris,

This was a great course. It really exposed me to more of the nuts & bolts of Python. This is something I am struggling to understand, working on my Django project. I really appreciate your sharp quick and concise approach to the subject of OOP in Python Modules and Packages-even though I found it necessary to started and stopped the video many…times to practice and make sure I was on the same page - it really worked!

bphthon, very nice! This was my first time using it and I really like it. I had an issue installing it to macOS Mojave (10.14.6) but found a solution here, just incase anyone else has this issue.

Thank you - Well done!

Avatar image for gagejesse

gagejesse on Jan. 30, 2020

I dunno how you managed to provide a thorough tutorial on exactly what I needed, two days before I needed it, but I certainly appreciate it. Thank you!

Avatar image for Priya katta

Priya katta on Jan. 30, 2020

Thanks Chris! Python modules and packages concepts are much clearer now.

Avatar image for Felix Vadan

Felix Vadan on Jan. 29, 2020

Thanks for this great course Chris! Made working with modules and packages much clearer. Now I need to watch it again.

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