Learning Progress Workbook (PDF)

Use this printable workbook to track your learning progress as you move through the course. Each page in the workbook is dedicated to a single lesson in the course. You can mark lessons and modules as completed (☐ → ☑) and take your learning notes in the blank space on each page.

This will help you build up your mental “knowledge map” of the topic and reinforce your learning.

I would encourage you to take handwritten notes and to even add little mind maps and scribblings. Research shows that this helps retain more information and for longer periods of time. By completing this workbook you’ll get a personalized “cheat sheet” covering your unique perspective on the topic. A personalized cheat sheet is a priceless learning resource.

Download the workbook template below:


Course Workbook (PDF)

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Phil M on April 16, 2020

Hi Dan, I am curious about how to use the Learning Progress Workbook (PDf). You mention that I can add notes in the blank space. This sounds great and I would love to do that, but how? The PDF that downloaded is read-only. Do I need an application to write to this document? Just wondering… Thanks, Phil.

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Dan Bader RP Team on April 16, 2020

Hi Phil, the workbook PDF is meant for handwritten notes, so you’d print it out and then scribble on it. But you could also use it electronically of course, just needs the right software that lets you add text notes to a PDF. Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert are two apps that I’ve used in the past. On macOS the standard PDF viewer can also do it. Hope that helps you out!

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Phil M on April 17, 2020

Yes, thanks! :)

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alexm on Nov. 14, 2020

Hi folks, I personally use it on a paper tablet (like a Remarkable), therefore its electronic and on the cloud BUT handwritten. Dan is telling us to handwrite notes on purpose because tests on students have been taken and they discovered that the brain involvement is higher in this way than by simply typing. I could not stand having piles of sheets around me and having to travel with them, so i invested in it and never regret.

Ciao, Alessandro

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Jacob Christ on April 13, 2022

Or maybe Dan has stock in the paper mills around the world and is just look for the edge that will put his retirement over the top.

Anyway, with the goal of helping, I find I can copy and paste the pdf into another document.

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