Deploy a Django App With Gunicorn and Nginx

Taking a Django app from development to production is a demanding but rewarding process. In this video course, you’ll go through that process step by step. You’ll start at square one with a no-frills Django application then add in Gunicorn, Nginx, and domain registration. After working through this video course, you’ll be better equipped to take your Django app into production and serve it to the world.

In this video course, you’ll learn:

  • How you can take your Django app from development to production
  • How you can host your app on a real-world public domain
  • How to introduce Gunicorn and Nginx into the request and response chain

To make the most out of this video course, you should have an introductory-level understanding of Python, Django, and the high-level mechanics of HTTP requests.

What’s Included:

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