Writing Beautiful Pythonic Code With PEP 8

Learn how to write high-quality, readable code by using the Python style guidelines laid out in Python’s official “PEP 8” code style guide. Following these guidelines helps you make a great impression when sharing your work with potential employers and collaborators.

This course outlines the key guidelines laid out in PEP 8. It’s aimed at beginner to intermediate programmers.

What’s Included:

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About Joe Tatusko

Joe is a manufacturing engineer turned Pythonista with interests in data wrangling and visualization.

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for goncaloccoutinho

goncaloccoutinho on Nov. 9, 2021

Very informative course, thanks!

Avatar image for Abby Jones

Abby Jones on June 25, 2019

This was fantastic, and normally something I wouldn’t have looked at. This was extremely valuable.

Avatar image for arnautovdmitry2015

arnautovdmitry2015 on April 2, 2019

Thank you, Joe, for this nice course. It was very helpful.

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