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How To Take Your Python Skills to the Next Level

Intermediate Python

For many developers picking up the basics of Python is the easy part. After they’ve mastered the basics of Python, a whole new world opens up—

And suddenly it’s all about learning the libraries, frameworks, and best practices that surround Python.

Thus, many Python developers find themselves thinking:

“I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what I can do with Python.”

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help you out. Python is my favorite programming language by far and I’d love to help you on your Python journey!

Have a look at our Python tutorials and courses below and see what’s right for you.

— Dan Bader (“Chief Python Nut” at Real Python)

We’re super passionate about teaching with articles and tutorials here on—and we’d love to help you, too! We regularly cover topics around Python and software development in general.

Here’s some of our most popular content aimed at intermediate and advanced-level Python developers:


Our Python Courses and Book for Intermediate Python Developers:

Besides working with our free tutorials and guides you can also check out our professional Python books and courses. They will help you speed up your learning curve so you can get better, faster:

Discover Python’s best practices with simple examples and start writing even more beautiful + Pythonic code.

"Python Tricks: The Book" shows you exactly how.

You’ll master intermediate and advanced-level features in Python with practical examples and a clear narrative:

Unlock the inner workings of the Python language, compile the Python interpreter from source code, and participate in the development of CPython.

Get one step closer to truly mastering Python, enabling you to write beautiful & idiomatic code that’s also fast and efficient:

Become a more efficient coder and get your Python applications ready for deployment with my in-depth Dependency Management course:

The Real Python Course Bundle covers everything you need to gain practical experience with Python web development using Flask and Django, data visualization, web scraping, and more:

Set up a great Python development environment once and it will keep paying dividends every day. My step-by-step video course shows you exactly how:

PythonistaCafe is an invite-only, online community of Python and software development enthusiasts helping each other succeed and grow:

Every Pythonista needs a great coffee (or tea!) mug. That’s why my wife Anja and I started, an online store with unique mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and mouse pads for Python devs:


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