Basic Data Types in Python

Darren Jones
Darren Jones 18 Lessons 1h 27m basics python

In this step-by-step course, you’ll dig into the basic data types that are built into Python.

By the end of this course:

  • You’ll learn about several basic numeric, string, and Boolean types that are built into Python.
  • You’ll see what objects of these types look like and how you can represent them.
  • You’ll get an overview of Python’s built-in functions, which are pre-written chunks of code that you can call to do useful things.

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About Darren Jones

With 20 years as a teacher of music technology, Darren is keen to bring his skills to the Python table.

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for ddb

ddb on July 25, 2022

I had some previous experience with Python scripts and expected to skip through a lot of parts but I quickly found there was a lot I didn’t know and some useful methods I was unaware of. In future the dir() command will be particularly helpful for finding the available methods to use before doing it the longer or less efficient way. I will also try the end command in print statements which I have not used before.

Avatar image for PururinTora

PururinTora on Feb. 21, 2022

This was awesome, very well done! Thank you Sire!

Avatar image for kcode

kcode on Sept. 12, 2021

Excellent course. I enjoyed how well the instructor explained the concepts along with the examples. Great job indeed.

Avatar image for Glenn Lehman

Glenn Lehman on July 9, 2021

Thank You Very Much!

I learned more in this video then in the entire course I took on python scripting in college.

Is there a link to setup up bpython?

Avatar image for Janet Anne

Janet Anne on Feb. 9, 2021

Wow. I FINALLY understood hash() after this. Thank you! Great refresher on Python data types.

Avatar image for Paul D Paradis

Paul D Paradis on Aug. 5, 2020

This is gold! I have been teaching myself Python for a while now, and this is the best presentation of fundamental data types I have ever come across. I just joined real Python and decided to go through the basics as a refresher and to get comfortable with the site, and I am thoroughly impressed.

Avatar image for Rowan

Rowan on April 29, 2020

This was more detailed than I expected. Thanks RP Team for the great job on this exercise. “Started from the bottom now I’m here.” as Drake would say.

Avatar image for tomspoors

tomspoors on March 15, 2020

An excellent overview, well-delivered, and in a soothing voice! Thank you, I learned a lot of useful things!

Avatar image for Mallesham Yamulla

Mallesham Yamulla on Jan. 26, 2020

It’s a fantastic refresher on Python Data types, I really learned a couple of new things from it and thanks for this tutorial.

Avatar image for emalfiza

emalfiza on Jan. 25, 2020

Awesome! totally different from any other Python platform. Really appreciate your time Darren

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