Jon Fincher

About Jon Fincher

Jon is a life-long teacher/learner, having formally taught Python and Java in two high schools in the Puget Sound. Prior to that, he spent 20+ years watching the highs and lows at Microsoft as a Program Manager, where among his other duties he mentored new hires and developed/delivered training.

He’s worked as a software developer, software tester, support engineer, DBA, sysadmin, phone order taker, grocery bagger, and student janitor — just not all at the same time.

When he’s not teaching or behind the keyboard working on a personal project, he’s probably doing one or more of these things:

  • running the roads in his neighborhood,
  • building and painting model cars and figures,
  • learning how to make an Arduino do cool stuff,
  • trying to photograph the birds in his backyard,
  • making some lines on paper and calling them “art”,
  • calming his two cats, Shadow and Belle, during a thunderstorm, or
  • wishing he were in a National Park instead.

Originally from New England, Jon current resides in Illinois, and can photographically prove he’s visited at least four other countries.

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