Python Development in Visual Studio Code (Setup Guide)

Austin Cepalia

Learn how to set up Visual Studio Code for Python development. By following examples, you’ll cover everything from installing and configuring VSCode, to running tests and debugging Python apps. Make the most of this powerful Python IDE by following our complete setup guide.

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About Austin Cepalia

Austin is a video tutorial author at Real Python. He graduated with a BS in CS from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2023, and now he writes software to support the semiconductor industry.

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for Doug Farrell

Doug Farrell RP Team on July 20, 2019


I’m one of the writers on the RealPython team and I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting this together! Your presentation is really great, and very helpful to me. I’ve been developing with PyCharm (which is great), but have a need to switch over to using VS Code, and this was just what I needed to get started!

Again, thanks so much! Doug

Avatar image for stephenm

stephenm on June 1, 2019

Great course! Would be nice to add a video on how to setup/config/use virtual environments with VS code

Avatar image for Pavel Krejsa

Pavel Krejsa on April 23, 2019

Hi, thanx a lot for this beginners intro. I would be very happy if you extend it with “virtualenv” like environment with different pip packages per environment.

Avatar image for Sciencificity

Sciencificity on April 15, 2019

Thanks so much! This was awesome, I am sure to not go back to my previously used editor!

Avatar image for Daniel

Daniel on April 6, 2019

Great course. Helped to see it all in action and then go through the supporting materials alongside the course.

Avatar image for joseph

joseph on April 6, 2019

Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for whipping this up and sharing.

Avatar image for arnautovdmitry2015

arnautovdmitry2015 on April 4, 2019

Wow! I am waiting for this course! And it is here. You are awesome! VS Code is my favourite code editor.

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