Starting With Linear Regression in Python

We’re living in the era of large amounts of data, powerful computers, and artificial intelligence. This is just the beginning. Data science and machine learning are driving image recognition, autonomous vehicle development, decisions in the financial and energy sectors, advances in medicine, the rise of social networks, and more. Linear regression is an important part of this.

Linear regression is one of the fundamental statistical and machine learning techniques. Whether you want to do statistics, machine learning, or scientific computing, there’s a good chance that you’ll need it. It’s advisable to learn it first and then proceed toward more complex methods.

In this video course, you’ll learn:

  • What linear regression is
  • What linear regression is used for
  • How linear regression works
  • How to implement linear regression in Python, step by step

What’s Included:

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2 Lessons 10m

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toigopaul on Dec. 12, 2023

This course is incredible! I am now officially thrilled to be a paid member of Real Python. At a fraction of the cost, this course got me through a poorly worded edX HarvardX CS109x exercise and I predict it’ll help with future exercises too. Furthermore, the Real Python “lecture” is also superior to CS109x. For reference, CS109x cost me $299.

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