Creating PyQt Layouts for GUI Applications

Christian Koch

Christian Koch 12 Lessons 1h 9m
gui intermediate

PyQt’s layout managers provide a user-friendly and productive way of arranging graphical components, or widgets, on a GUI. Laying out widgets properly will make your GUI applications look polished and professional. Learning to do so efficiently and effectively is a fundamental skill for you to get up and running with GUI application development using Python and PyQt.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What the benefits are of using PyQt’s layout managers
  • How to programmatically lay out widgets on a GUI using PyQt’s layout managers
  • How to select the right layout manager for your GUI application
  • How to lay out widgets in main window–based and dialog-based applications

For a better understanding of how to use layout managers, some previous knowledge of how to create PyQt GUI applications and how to work with PyQt widgets would be helpful.

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