Finding the Perfect Python Code Editor

Martin Breuss
Martin Breuss 36 Lessons 2h 28m basics tools

Find your perfect Python development setup with this review of Python IDEs and code editors. Writing Python using IDLE or the Python REPL is great for simple things, but not ideal for larger programming projects. With this course you’ll get an overview of the most common Python coding environments to help you make an informed decision.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Choose the Python editing environment that’s right for you
  • Perform common tasks like creating, running, and debugging code
  • Dig deeper into optimizing your favorite editing setup

What’s Included:

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About Martin Breuss

Martin likes automation, goofy jokes, and snakes, all of which fit into the Python community. He enjoys learning and exploring and is up for talking about it, too. He writes and records content for Real Python and CodingNomads.

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Participant Comments

Phillip on June 16, 2022

Thank you for the course Martin. That was a great overview of the different coding platforms available. I thought it was great how you explained the various use cases for each editor. Jupyter Notebooks look really interesting as my interest is in Data Science. I’ll be checking out the Jupyter course soon.

David Wright on April 20, 2020

Thank you Martin. Excellent course. I have decided on Thonny, since it seems to offer all the things I need at this point in my coding career. It is easy to use and offers many good features.

Walt94 on Feb. 22, 2020

Favorite line was: “You’ll always have VIM”. True dat.

Biggest surprise was seeing how good Repl.It was. I did not know they had come that far with online editors.

Thanks for the course. I really enjoyed it.

qmark42 on Feb. 21, 2020

Thank You, Martin and Real Python for this course. I’ve learned quite a bit about development setups, and although some of the material was over my head at present, the course did give me a good idea of what I can use in my present studies/work. For now I will probably use VIM or a similar editor and Jupyter Notebook. Maybe in a year or two, I will expand my setup to include an IDE. Right now, I am most interested in Pycharm. Again, thank you for the course.

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